Easy Snowman Craft

snowman pots  I love the Christmas season because I can pull out all of my Snowmen Decorations.  As you all know by now I love Snowmen!  I think I am going to make these this year.  They are just so cute.  

  Supplies Needed to Make These:   

  Terra Cotta Pots, Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas ribbon or scrapbook paper for the scarf, paint, pom-poms, glue, ribbon for bow, gloves and tape.

  Steps I am going to take to make these:

  First I am going to paint the pots white.  While the pots are drying I am going to make the scarf and earmuffs.  Then I  am going to paint on their faces and then glue their scarves on. Finally I am going to put on a clear coat so that my beautiful snowmen don't get all smudged up.

  Let me know if you have made these and if they are as easy to make as they look.


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