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Q: Can i duel you?
A: Yeah, just join in on the live streams or my games when I Host open lobbies!

Q: How Do you Send In Replays
(send it as a yrp file)

Q: Where do you buy your cards
A: I almost never buy cards, I do however work with a great company that does! Feel free to check them out at

Q: How do i record? (i use a paid application now, i have a tutorial on a free one located here)

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Q: Where do i download/play Yugioh online? Is it Free?
A: I play on using 2 applications DevPro, and Dueling Network
[Link to both tutorials on those] (both are free, you don’t pay for cards)

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DeeDee (Azneyes Aka Slaydra)
P.O Box 1977
Nipomo CA 93444

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